How to do double live on Instagram

How to do double live on Instagram

How to do double live on Instagram

23/Mar | by: Kely Mendonça

Get to know the new feature of the app and learn how to do double live on Instagram.

Instagram has the "live stream" function that was deployed in the application in October 2016 and, despite being relatively new, is a function that has gained great popularity among the users of the platform.
As features are always being updated to make the app more user-friendly and more usable, the platform has released a live stream with two people, ie two different accounts in the same live.
It is an innovation of this social network very simple, easy to do and that has become quite common among users. That's why we've prepared a roadmap that teaches step-by-step how to do live double on Instagram.
Before we talk about doing a live double on Instagram, we'll show you how to start a live video stream in the app using Android and iOS. It's so simple that the following videos teach you how to do live on Instagram in less than a minute. Check out!

How to make live on Instagram with Android

How to make live on Instagram with iOS

If you are a beginner on the platform, we also have a complete step-by-step article on how to do live on Instagram click here and check it out.
Now, if you are already familiar with the application, you already have the habit of doing live broadcast on Instagram and want to increase your live with the special participation of one of your friends, follow the following script that we prepared with step-by-step and screenshots for you to learn how to do double live on Instagram.

How to do double live on Instagram


Accessing the app, activate the Stories camera by clicking on the camera icon in the upper left corner or by swiping your finger right on the home screen.
Opening the camera, slide the options at the bottom of the screen until you reach the "LIVE" option. Click the "Launch live video" button so that your internet connection is verified by the application and your live starts in a moment.

How to do double live in instagram how to start broadcasting

Adding the second account

Once you start your live stream, you can now add a second participant to your live stream. There are two ways to do this, see below, what are they.
You can add a guest to your live stream or a viewer watching your live may request permission to join your stream.
To add a guest, you need to touch the button with two emisses next to the field to add comments. Then the options to select a participant to your stream will appear on the screen. Now it is necessary to locate the user, touch the selection field in front of the chosen name and confirm the choice.
To find the user who will be invited to participate in your live, you can slide the screen to find it or click on the search field and enter the desired name to select the user and add it next.
The guest receives a notification in your app so that they can accept or decline to participate in the stream.
As soon as the invitation is accepted by him, the broadcast screen will be divided into two parts and the guest will also be visible to his viewers occupying the lower part of the broadcast screen.

How to do double live in instagram how to add second invite account

Users watching the stream may also submit a request to join your live stream without the need to be invited by you as in the step above.
In this case, you will receive a notification to accept or decline the user request submission.
Once the participation is accepted by you, the screen will be split into two parts and the guest will also be visible to your viewers occupying the lower part of the broadcast screen just like when the invitation is made by you.

How to do double live in instagram how to send request for dual broadcast

Remembering that it is necessary for the user to be online and connected as a spectator watching his transmission so that he can make or receive the invitation to participate and be added to his live.
Your other users will be able to watch your transmission according to your customized privacy settings for live broadcasts.
Other functions and tools such as adding comments, switching between the back and front camera, adding masks, setting or blocking comments, etc. will remain available and can be used normally during live. If you want to know more about each of these functions and how to use them, visit the How to do live in Instagram article and check out all these tools.

Closing the live double

At any time you wish, the guest can end their participation or can be removed by you to give continuity individually or for another participant to be invited to join your live. This process can be repeated several times during the performance of your live broadcast.
To do this, simply click the X in the upper right corner of the part of the screen that the guest is occupying and confirm the request. The guest can also do the same to terminate his participation.
After the removal, the process to add a guest is exactly the same and can be repeated so that another guest enters your live or even the same previous guest can also be added again.

How to do double live in instagram how to get out of live double

Closing your broadcast

To end your broadcast, simply click the "End" button in the upper-right corner of the screen and then confirm the closure.
After the streaming is complete, Instagram shows the number of viewers who have accessed your live and allows you to save the video or the transmission of the stream is now available to be available in the Stories for a period of 24 hours.
Remembering that sharing can only be done once the live is ended and if canceled, you will no longer have access to the content of the broadcast and will not be able to save the video file or share it later.

How to do double live in instagram how to shut live

Advantages of live double

Because it is an application innovation, the tool gains adherents in all parts of the world and its use and popularity are increasing among the users of the application.
Anyone can use this feature regardless of their goal or segment. This functionality can be used strategically by companies and professionals from any area to achieve positive results according to their objectives.

Live Social

Do you already have the habit of doing live broadcast on Instagram? Get to know the SITEHOSTING Live Social tool capable of empowering your live through social networks.
Live Social is a feature that allows the integration of your live to simultaneously transmit natively in as many social networks as you want.
In addition to Instagram, you can use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Twitch TV to extend the reach of your broadcast.
Watch the following video and see how Live Social works:

If you want to know more details, resources and values, access the Live Social tool page by clicking here.

Do you already have the habit of doing live video broadcasting on Instagram? Call your friends and start your live double right now.

Do you still have questions about how to do double live on Instagram? Please contact us by leaving your question just below that we will help you!

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