How IP camera works

How IP camera works

How IP camera works

17/Abr | by: Kely Mendonça

IP cameras can aid in many day-to-day activities and bring numerous benefits by using these equipments. Check out some important usage tips and learn how IP camera works.

What is an IP camera?

IP Camera, IP Camera (English) or IP Cam is a type of video camera that can be accessed and monitored over an IP network.
Popularly they are called security cameras because this is the most common and best known use of these equipments.
There are numerous IP camera models with varying values. Some of these cameras have the option of audio streaming, however, not all models have this functionality.
The available functions vary according to the brand and model of the chosen IP Cam. However, it is not always necessary to purchase an expensive equipment with the greatest number of resources available in the market. Depending on your purpose, only the basic functions are enough to meet your needs.
Check below how an IP camera works , its use, advantages and plans for streaming to IP camera.

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How IP camera works

To view the images from your camera simply access the HTTP link through the browser or the application via desktop or mobile device and watch the scenes.
Now, to do the retransmission through a service for IP camera streaming you need to access the camera settings to identify the RTSP protocol that should be sent directly to the streaming server.
Remembering that in this case the camera itself performs the function of an encoder to encode and send the audio and video through the RTSP output link without needing a computer to transmit.
For cameras that have audio, the format used is AAC, and you can disable the option to stream audio if necessary.
The DVR is a device that allows you to receive signals from IP cameras. It integrates the images of all your installed IP cameras into a single or multiple monitor and is used for real-time monitoring.
The installation of an IP camera can be done with the conventional wires which are network cables for streaming audio and video or using wireless technology with encryption.
The usability of IP cameras is relatively simple and without complexity.

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Using the IP camera and its advantages

Currently, the most common use of IP cameras is for monitoring and securing corporate environments.
In fact, it is a very sought after and effective method for both internal and external control. It is possible to install multiple cameras in the environments that need monitoring and also around your entire establishment so that you can have complete supervision of the entire corporate environment and its surroundings.
In addition to this use, IP cameras have several utilities and possibilities. Here are some possible ways to use them and their benefits.
For kindergartens and schools is a way to accompany children, in real time, even at a distance. With the installation of IP cameras in educational institutions, parents can access their cell phone or any other device with internet access of their own to whatever is happening to their children at that time. Best of all, this can be done simply and quickly through the smartphone itself wherever you are.
For homes, IP cameras are becoming an increasingly sought after item as it is for use in commerce with the purpose of assisting in the surveillance and security of any type of property.
IP cameras are also very useful to assist in monitoring and controlling the flow within places with restricted access such as hospitals, meeting rooms, treasury, banks, prisons, among others.
For business security, public institutions and commercial establishments, the use of an IP camera is a method that offers great credibility and is part of the most requested items when it comes to security for establishments.
The advantages of using an IP cam are related to technologies that allow the execution of commands such as changing the angle of the cameras, enabling audio, controlling the use of infrared light for night use, and other options available according to the model and brand of the camera. your equipment.
The use of infrared light is a technology that enables the use of an IP camera even at night in environments without any type of lighting.
It is also possible to use the IP cameras together with an alarm system so that the recordings are made only at times when the sensor or alarm system sounds indicating some movement or invasion taken within the camera's field of view.

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Plans for IP camera streaming

Regardless of the type of application, a major advantage of using IP cameras is simultaneous access by more than one user to the captured images.
For this, you need to hire a good streaming plan for IP camera. to carry out the transmission of their IP cameras.
This way, you can transmit the images captured by your IP cam on your site and on your social networks Facebook (profile, pages and groups), Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch TV simultaneously and with unlimited viewers, boosting the reach of your transmission.
In addition to unlimited dissemination, you may also opt for a private transmission, with access restricted only to restricted users, such as schools, with access only allowed to parents of registered students, completely securely with an application developed especially for this purpose facilitating the visualization and maintaining the security of accesses.
SITEHOSTING has plans for IP camera streaming with values ??starting at R $ 29.90 that offer an excellent cost-benefit. For more details on streaming to IP camera, click here.
The steps for contracting the plans are very simple and the configuration of the service consists only in sending the RSTP link to SITEHOSTING support to start the transmission.

How IP camera works and IP camera streaming

To conclude, check out the video we prepared on IP camera and streaming to IP camera:

Still have questions about how IP cameras work? Contact us, leave your question just below that we will help you!

Sources: JMV Technology

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