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Do you know what web tv is? Discover now and know some advantages, features and possibilities of this new digital format.


What is web tv?

A web tv is a digital tool that works like a conventional TV channel, however, it is only displayed on the internet and has its programming produced especially for this digital format.

A web tv is transmitted through video streaming features, which rely on the transmission of data from a server to the viewer of the video to the viewer by the player on the internet.

It allows the transmission of live videos or recorded programming, and you can merge the two forms according to need.

Advantages of setting up a web tv

The search for this type of online resource has been growing due to the advantages that this format presents compared to a conventional television channel. Check out some of the key advantages:

Flexibility regarding the choice of programming content that can be of different styles, for example, it is possible to set up a web tv related to the specific segment that your company works for, to broadcast religious events and events of a church, public hearings, tutorials, courses, entertainment, humorous programming and so on.

Ease of access anywhere and on different platforms like smartphones, computers or tablets. Just have a stable internet connection to watch the broadcast.

Possibility of segmentation according to the preferences of the viewers. Because it is an online service, this segmentation is facilitated compared to services that are not online, which gives more freedom to the viewer when choosing their programming.

The growth of the digital market makes the search for this type of online service grow more and more. The possibility of having services and tools available through the Internet attracts users who prefer to opt for digital services over conventional services.


How a web tv works

A web tv channel has its programming pre-selected by the owner or its directors. There are two ways of displaying these contents, which are: live video transmission and recorded video streaming. The choice depends mainly on the purpose of your web tv.

To know in detail how to set up a web tv and what are the necessary requirements, just follow the guidelines of this tutorial that teaches step-by-step how to create a web tv.

Now let's know more about these two formats for video transmission on a web tv:

What is web tv with streaming live video

It is possible to create a web tv with live programming, so anytime you want, the normal recorded schedule that is being displayed can be stopped to start streaming live video.

For detailed understanding of how to do live video streaming and what requirements are required, check out How to make live video streaming and know everything.

What is web tv with streaming video recorded

The recorded video stream has two variations: on demand or playlist. In both options, only previously recorded videos are played, unlike the live mode.

The difference is that in the on demand option, as the name itself says, on demand, the viewer chooses which programming to watch. An example is the YouTube site, where the user selects which video to watch.

In playlist mode, a schedule is created and will be displayed continuously through the VJ auto tool. So web tv goes online 24 hours a day without having to have a live programming all the time, allowing the display of recorded programs, reruns and ads according to the playlist that you set up in the panel of your web tv.

The recorded contents, which make up the on demand or playlist mode options, can be changed whenever necessary, ie you can delete some video that is no longer interesting for programming and also add new videos to be displayed.


Panel to configure web tv

All this information about the transmission of recorded video, whether on demand or playlist, is configured in the panel of your web tv. This panel sends all data to the server which then transmits to the viewers.

The panel is an essential tool to have an adequate reproduction of the programming of your web tv. It has resources that help in the configuration and execution of the programs that will be reproduced. In this way it is possible to save working time and ensure better quality and efficiency in the process.

Video streaming plans for web tv

It is fundamental to choose a good video streaming plan to perform the transmission of your web tv content.

Some factors should be taken into consideration when choosing which is the best video streaming plan for your web tv. The quality and stability of your connection, the number of viewers and the average quality of the viewers' internet, for example, are determining factors for this choice. They must agree to the availability of the contracted plan to ensure the success of the transmission of your web tv.

SITEHOSTING has excellent plans with values starting at 89 reais per month and various payment terms according to your need. Click here and learn more about SITEHOSTING's web video streaming plans.

Spectators of a web tv


The only concern regarding the viewers of a web tv should be in relation to the internet plan. There is no point in making a transmission of the highest quality, with the best equipment to transmit in Full HD quality if the viewer has a medium quality internet and an unstable connection. Thus, the internet conditions of the viewer will not be compatible with the quality of the transmission, which would result in crashes and problems in the display of the content and consequently a bad experience for the viewer.

Ads for web tv

There are some forms of sales that make it possible to use your web tv to get a financial return that can be significant depending on the success of your schedule and the type and amount of sales.


Some traditional formats for sales are:

Sale of ads that are usually vts with a duration of 30 or 45 seconds are displayed as commercials between the daily schedule.

The programming space can also be sold, meaning a independent video production program can be displayed on your web tv channel from the negotiation of this space to the display.

Space sales on web tv display site to advertise banners or other direct ad formats on the website or player page.

Several factors affect the negotiation values ??of the ads, such as the number of viewers on the web TV channel, the segmentation and specificity of the schedule, the number and format of the advertisements, among others.


Now that you know what a web tv is and how it works, access this video to learn how to set up a web tv and even learn more tips to start creating a web tv now.

Sources: JMV Technology

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