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The vMix is one of the most popular software worldwide when it comes to digital cutting table. See now why he is considered one of the best software are used to stream video.

As the vMix works

The software is an encoder that functions as a digital cutting table for videos. It allows you to perform the transmission of live video, one or more cameras, and professional cameras, virtual or WebCam and also enables the transmission of recorded files already saved on your computer in different audio and video formats or even DVD's.

All with various configuration options, both for the cameras and for the audio that will be transmitted. Apply transition effects, filters and color correction, reduce audio noise and use up to four capture screens.

In addition to the features, its interface is simple and allows the creation of shortcut buttons to configure the transmission and preset custom profiles to make it easier and simpler to use.

It has advanced features that are not present in other software in the same segment. So it can be said that the vMix has unique features and several advantages over its competitors.


Unique features of vMix




Compatibility: vMix has a range of compatibility with various cameras and capture cards of different brands and models, which is usually a problem in using other software.

Capture Integration: Allows screenshot from other computers on the same network by NDI technology. The vMix is only compatible with the Windows system, however, through this integration, you can perform a screen capture from other computers with Mac OS.

vMix Social: Possibility to simultaneously transmit to your social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Templates: The vMix offers free templates and ready to use as a virtual set of transmission. In addition to the options available, you can also create your own custom template and use it as a virtual studio of your transmission. The only requirement is the xml format.

Audio Mix: The software has full audio mix equalizer with noise reduction features and audio sync with the time of the video.

Access Integration: Access to tablet or mobile phone on the same network, allowing the software management during transmission. This way your smartphone works as a remote control facilitating commands even when relatively distant from the computer.

Links: You can add links to external sites to be displayed on the capture screen and can control the navigation within the site, displaying the navigation that is taking place in real time.

Title: The vMix lets you add and edit custom lettering and titles to be displayed during transmission as needed.

Instant replay: Option to repeat a short scene at the very moment of some important event, such as the realization of a goal during a football match, with the reprise goal zooming. The instant replay has an editor with adjustable time option to reprise only the most important parts of the scene.

vMix call: A feature that lets you perform an audio or video call within the software itself and display the calls in real  time transmission.

PTZ Control: PTZ camera control can be done directly from vMix that has the highest compatibility of available devices on the market.


VMix versions and costs



There are three vMix versions available for use: free, test for 60 days and complete, the latter being paid and the other at no charge.

Free: The vMix offers a free version for download. Because it is a no cost version for the user, it has some reduced features.

Test: The trial version is a full version, with virtually all available resources. It is also a free version for the user. However, because it is a full version, just for testing, it only works for 60 days. After this period, you either have to pay for the full version or continue using the free version with limited resources.

Pays: It is the full version with all features available for use. The download can usually be done at the site and payment can be made by bank transfer, purchase order, PayPal or via credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

The license for each version of the software has values starting at $ 60 to transmit in HD quality and the amount of resources available depends on the quality contracted.

See table versions, values, Quality and transmission and features available in each version:


table-of-prices-and-versions -of-vmix

Source: vmix.com


Installing and configuring the vMix

To install vMix, click here to download the software directly from the official website downloads page vmix.com  or click here to purchase the paid version.

If you need to perform the screen capture another computer, download the vMix Capture Desktop for Windows or Mac, available for download on the same page. This option is interesting in the case of the Mac system use. Since vMix only works on Windows system, you can perform the capture of another Mac computer system that is on the same network.

To make the vMix configuration is necessary to consult the data of the service that you use or streaming plan hired. The settings must be made according to the specifications required in the chosen service so that the transmission funcion and correctly.

Click here to watch the tutorial "Installing and configuring vmix for streaming video" that teaches you how to install and configure vMix detail. 

If you already know the software and want to know advanced information, click here watch the video "Tutorial VMix - digital cutting table for streaming video." 




After checking all these features, tools and resources available in one encoder, you hardly find all this gathered in a single software only.

In contrast, there are some disadvantages in using vMix in cases of simple transmissions without cuts or edits, being a heavier software compared to its competitors, it requires more processing on your computer and, therefore, better hardware configurations .

To exploit all the features of editing, recording or streaming video frequently, you need to purchase the full software license for more than 60 days with all available features, ie the paid version.

The fact that it is a software available only for the Windows operating system, can also be considered a disadvantage in its use. However, this problem can be easily solved with the use of vMix Capture Desktop.


You already use vMix often? Do you work with streaming video? Know LIVE SOCIAL, a feature to achieve unlimited viewers on social networks by creating a single streaming. 

Sources: JMV Technology

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