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Here's how to make a video broadcast for your church, what the benefits are, what's needed, and check out important information about the cost of streaming to churches.


Benefits of streaming to churches

Making a video broadcast can bring great benefits to your church. Video streaming technology has been growing and becoming increasingly popular in the religious world. It is a feature that is being sought by a growing number of viewers because of the ease, convenience and functionality that this technology provides.

Through video features, many people can connect and watch their church's events even while away from the church or anywhere else in the world, just having access to the internet to keep track of what is being transmitted, as well as being present in the event, worship or mass you are attending.

In addition, the prayer time can be shared with many other faithful, even if they are distant, using technology as a resource capable of uniting and empowering the faith of countless people, regardless of their locality, the viewer can view streaming directly through computer, phone, or tablet.




How to stream video to churches and what is needed

To make a video broadcast to church, as well as broadcasts from other segments, some equipment is needed according to the type of streaming you want to perform for your church.

To make a professional broadcast, it is interesting to invest a little more in the equipment that will be used to ensure better streaming quality. Cameras, cutting table, microphones, computers, software and internet connection must be stable and of good quality to avoid unexpected problems during streaming. Hiring one or several technicians responsible for making the audio and video capture should also be included in the planning. The number of professionals hired, cameras and equipment needed should be proportional to the size of the streaming that will be performed.

Already to perform amateur transmission, the equipment can be simpler and you do not have to make such a high investment to carry out a quality transmission. A good WebCam can be used by replacing a professional camcorder without any problem or damage to its transmission.

For both cases it is advisable to have wired and totally dedicated internet, with a upload rate of 20% above the quality desired for the transmission. It is important to remember to perform tests at the event site when it comes to a live broadcast to verify the connection's stability.




Programming: live streaming x web tv

The streaming service allows for two types of transmission, both live and recorded. In this way, it is possible to hire a streaming service for worship, mass, ceremony or event transmission just as it is happening so that viewers can follow everything live, as well as create a web tv of your own church and maintain a daily online programming 24 hours by creating a playlist to broadcast all these events after their occurrence, with editing and cuts, and various other types of daily programming.

A web tv of your church can bring numerous possibilities of programming according to the need of information to be passed to the public. As this format allows you to have a 24-hour schedule and broadcast recorded content, it is possible to create a playlist for a daily schedule with biblical drawings and children's programs in the morning, prayer of the day at lunchtime, reruns, prayer times and so on. the way you and your viewers prefer.

It is also possible to only perform live broadcasts, choosing to broadcast only the events at the moment they are occurring, without the need to create a playlist to have a continuous daily schedule. This type of service is ideal for those who wish to broadcast only Sunday services or masses or any event that may occur.

You can access the article "How to make live video transmission" to know all the details on how to perform your live video streaming, or access the article "Tips for web tv", if you have questions about how to set up a web tv for your church.


How much does it cost to make a video transmission to church




The final value of your transmission will depend on a few factors. First, it is important to raise some information that is critical to knowing the answer to this question. The average number of simultaneous viewers, the quality and type of broadcast that will be performed are the information you need to set your budget.

Generally, video streaming plan values are based on this information. The equipment that will be used also depends on some information about your streaming. For amateur transmissions, there are equipment with very accessible values. To carry out professional transmissions, it is necessary to have equipment with high configurations and, consequently, have higher costs.

The type of streaming that will be performed, live or recorded, is also one of the main factors that influences the value of the plans.

SITEHOSTING has own streaming plans for churches with values starting at R $ 59.90, varying according to the quality of the broadcast, number of viewers and the type of transmission.

Click here to know the plans and to know more details.

Just as equipment is critical to good video streaming, plans are also an essential part of the technical requirements. Therefore, it is important to choose the best and most suitable plan for the type of transmission your church needs. Also, choosing a serious and time-honored business is critical to ensuring the success of your church's broadcast.

Raise this information, make your plans, set your budget, hire a good streaming plan with a serious company and broadcast your church without having headaches.


Still have questions about streaming to churches? Watch the video: "Stream worship services and Masses over the Internet, Streaming to Churches." and check out several quick and simple tips on software, cameras and equipment for do your streaming.

Sources: JMV Technology

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