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In this article on the live broadcast equipment series, we show the advantages of using each type of camera. Learn now which one is best for you to stream your video.


To perform live video streaming, the cameras are so important equipment to ensure the transmission quality, arriving to be a a d a s main concerns. After all, image quality is one of the items that gets the most attentionwhen it comes to making a live video stream.

There are several types of cameras and models of the most varied prices. Choosing the best equipment for live broadcasting will depend on the purpose of your broadcast and the available resources.

The cameras are grouped by categories, according the model and its settings . Each category fits in a style of transmission according to its functionalities.

See details on these devices for live broadcast and how to choose the type of camera more adequad it to your stream:


Live Streaming Equipment: HandyCam




The Handycams are portable cameras or "hand-held cameras." Although it has some limitations depending on the model chosen, this type of camera is a great option when deciding which equipment to use to make a video transmission due to its cost x benefit.

No. Generally, Handycams have superior picture quality to Webcams and much more affordable compared values professional camcorders.

The cost of a handycam currently is, on average, from 1000 reais, increasing according to the specifications of each model.

A very important detail that should be observed when buying this type of camera is if the equipment has power supply. If you can not leave the camera ligad directly into the outlet during the live, make sure the battery life is greater than the transmission time to avoid inconvenience.

Some Handycam models are called Camcorders because of their ability to compress the output video to mp4 format . Thus, it is possible to perform a live without the need to use a cutting table or capture board.

Only Camcorder models have this functionality, and no Handycam is capable of performing the conversion. In this case, as well as in the use of professional camcorders , a capture board or cutting table should be used to perform live video transmission.


Live broadcasting equipment: Web cam

A W ebcam is a great choice for those who do not have a lot of financial resources or do not want to spend a lot.

The values ??of a good W ebcam are from 350 reais, for example the Logitech C920, which is a webcam capable of transmitting live with good image quality.



Source: Logitech.


It is now possible to make a good quality video broadcast even without having a professional video camcorder. Of course, professional live broadcast equipment has superior picture quality than a W- cam, but even with only one W- cam, it is possible to perform a good broadcast.

A restriction on the use of W ebcams is that this type of equipment does not allow changing lenses, as paragraphs other equipment for live broadcast professionals.

A very common doubt about the use of W ebcams is about using more than one of this equipment simultaneously. Yes, you can do this. You can connect 3 W ebcams to your computer and use any of the various softwareavailable on the market to make cuts and toggle between the images being captured.

It is worth remembering that, in this way, the processing of the computer may be compromised depending on the settings of the machine being used .

In addition to the consumption of computer processing that is already required with the performance of live , the use of more than one W ebcam requires more processing consumption, which can cause crashes and failures during live transmission.


Live Streaming Equipment: DSLR




The s DSLR's, although cameras can also be used for recording and broadcasting live video in high quality , although transmission usage is not indicated for short video recording only.

The top searched DSLR brands are Canon and Nikon . T his equipment has more affordable values ??compared to professional camcorders, with an average cost starting at 1700 reais, and it is necessary to acquire the lenses separately according to their use .

In contrast, they have some limitations compared to other types. The Head and s is s preocupaç are relative to the equipment's battery and video recording time capability . The duration d the transmittance SSAO must be planned earlier and compared to two requirements: battery life and capacity of the camera in the video will RELAC time to avoid inconvenience.

On average, DSLR are able to perform a recs will for about 2 0 minutes duration, depending on the equipment and its use.

In general, this equipment can be used to perform a recording of short video or for eventualities, that is, it is not recommended for those who wish to make recordings with high frequency or live video transmission .

Marcelo Campos , from JMV Technology, explains in detail the use of this type of equipment in the following video:



Live broadcasting equipment: Professional camcorders




There are several models of professional camcorders of different brands available in the market. The value of this equipment is variable according to the functionalities that it possesses.

Sony, Nikon, Canon and Panasonic are among the top-rated brands for this type of live broadcast equipment .

Some highly requested models are: Sony 6758 , Panasonic Ag-Ac8 and Canon XA10 .

They can be found in the market with an average value ranging between 20 and 25 thousand reais. It is an investment both for those who want to carry out video transmission frequently and of high quality and resolution.

However, this type of equipment requires the use of a cutting table or capture plate.

Learn how to set up a capture card properly:



Live Streaming Equipment: IP Camera




Security cameras, called an IP camera , are not made for this live broadcast feature, but although not indicated, they are also used in some cases where there is a need to broadcast to multiple users simultaneously .

Check out some important details about streaming IP camera, how it works, necessary technical requirements and s APPLICATION:




There are different types and models of cameras for live transmission, catering to all tastes and budgets.

It is worth remembering that the right choice of your equipment for live transmission depends mainly on the purpose of your streaming , whether it is amateur amateur transmission, a business or church event or even a liveprofessional that will be performed with high frequency.

Once you have chosen which type of camera is best for your broadcast, it's time to get your hands on the dough. You can boost your live with the use of some professional features through live video streaming software andeven multiple cameras simultaneously.

Check out the following video on multi-camera video streaming :


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Sources: JMV Technology

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