How to broadcast an online auction

How to broadcast an online auction

How to broadcast an online auction

28/Fev | by: Kely Mendonça

Have you ever considered a live broadcast of your auction? Check out all the tips on how to run an online auction in this article.

Online Auction Types

In recent years, there has been an increase in the transmission of auctions in the virtual space, especially of large auctions. The search for digital services has been growing exponentially, which helps expand this segment on the internet.
Check out some applications of these services:
There are several types of products that can be auctioned on the internet in a wide variety of segments. From jewels, electronic devices, vehicles, real estate to rural auctions of animals in the countryside and with live auctioning on the internet, even directly from the rural location, where access to the internet is difficult and more precarious.
Let's get into details about the transmission of auctions that occur in rural locations, since it is a subject that is usually surrounded by many doubts, we will clarify the most important points about how to broadcast an online auction.

How to broadcast an online auction? Which internet to use?

Antenna internet connection how to broadcast an online auction

This is a very common question, since the use of the internet in rural areas is not frequent, and the use of good quality connections is less frequent, since common Internet services are not available in rural areas.
Therefore, there is a major obstacle to the performance of a live broadcast due to the precariousness of the internet in the places of interest for the auction.
In this case, there are no ways to make the purchase of common internet plans since there are no signs of available carriers. Thus, the alternative to solve this problem is the use of satellite internet. Next, let's talk about some details of how this type of connection works.
Regardless of the type of broadcast that will be performed, the settings of the internet connection are determinant to the quality of the streaming. It is important to be attentive to the details at the time of contracting the plan to avoid inconvenience during transmission.
The main factor regarding internet settings for live streaming is the upload rate which should be 20% above the quality of the streaming plan contracted for its transmission.
Another requirement regarding the connection is that it is totally dedicated, that is, the use must be exclusive to the streaming service, without any kind of access to social networks, navigation pages or other software that are not necessary for the transmission .

Satellite internet for online transmission of an auction

Here's how satellite internet works.

  Internet via satellite how to broadcast an online auction

Satellite Internet, also called the rural internet, is the only alternative to solve the problem of lack of connection in places where there are no internet plans or signs of available operators, such as farms, sites, rural areas in general or any isolated location.
Usually sales are carried out by data packets, similar to some 3G internet packages for data-bound smartphones.
Just as the name itself says, it is made available via satellite, that is, it works even without the cabling, fiber or radio structure.
It can be used for remote work structures, live broadcasts in general, occasional links, mobile offices and backup links.
The main satellite internet connections in Brazil are:
  • NetLight;
  • HughesNet / Elsys;
  • iSAT;
  • VRSAT.
Satellite internet for online transmission works from the signal sent by the local modem connection to your provider (satellite). The provider sends the signal to the streaming servers, which performs the streaming that can be accessed by viewers through the player that is compatible with desktop and mobile devices.
We have prepared a scheme to show how satellite internet works during the transmission of your online auction. Here's how it happens:

  Satellite internet operating scheme how to broadcast an online auction flowchart

How to broadcast an online auction with low delay?

Delay is the delay time between the origin and the transmission reception. For the transmission of an online and face-to-face auction, simultaneously, this is a determining factor since there is a need for real-time interaction to monitor the bids and interaction of online participants at the same speed as the participants that are present.
If the delay rate is high, the delay will disrupt the follow-up of the bids by the viewers and, consequently, negatively influence the interaction of the participants.
Faced with this situation, it is necessary to establish a maximum delay rate to avoid this type of problem. The closer to zero, the better the spectators' experience during the live broadcast of the auction.
For this to happen, it is necessary to have a quality internet service, stable and with exclusive use, besides having a dedicated server for the service of the transmission of your auction.
If you would like to know more details about the internet specs for a live broadcast, you can access our article on Computers and internet connection
In the video below, Josimar Machado, CEO of SITEHOSTING explains how to broadcast live over the internet in real time, without delay, with low latency. Check out:

Equipment for transmission of an online auction

Some equipment is required to do the streaming, and in addition, some settings regarding the devices that will be used are essential for the quality of the transmission.
Cameras, cutting table, microphones, computers, softwares and some accessories are fundamental and should be chosen according to the type of transmission you want to perform.
Check out our articles in the Live Broadcasting Equipment series that detail all the necessary requirements regarding the equipment to perform a streaming:
Cutting table and encoder;
Computers and internet connection;
Guide to accessories and checklist for live video transmission.

There are some equipment for own video transmissions that are called compact switchers. This type of equipment for live transmission integrates the tools of a cutting table and features from an encoder to a portable computer.
Besides the versatility and practicality of this equipment, its transport is facilitated due to the fact of being a compact equipment. Because it is a device specially developed for the realization of live transmissions, it has the appropriate settings for this without losing the transmission quality due to its condensed format.
Despite all the practicality offered, live broadcasting devices are costly and sometimes need to be replaced by the use of conventional equipment with the specified settings according to the desired transmission quality.
All of these settings are available in the articles on Live Streaming Equipment mentioned above.

Streaming plans for auctions

Doll with hammer bids streaming plans how to broadcast an online auction

It is vital to hire a reliable streaming service to ensure that everything happens as planned during the broadcast of your auction.
There are low latency streaming services that require the use of a dedicated server, very suitable for broadcast cases where there is real-time interaction of the viewers, since they are able to reduce the common delay of up to 60 seconds for up to 2 seconds.
SITEHOSTING has plans for various types of streaming, including dedicated server streaming, which is the ideal service for streaming live auctions.
Check out the best plans for broadcasting your online auction.
In addition to plans for live streaming, you can also create a site exclusively for your online auction using Framesites, which is a tool for creating a manageable site with player for online auction transmission.

Summarizing: How to broadcast an online auction

The summary on how to run an online auction is quite simple. Just follow these steps:
Define the parameters of your transmission, hire a good internet plan, choose a reliable streaming plan, test the equipment and compatibility with the services and, finally, make the transmission available on your site.
To conclude, check this checklist:

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Sources: JMV Technology

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