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Making Live on Facebook is becoming more and more common due to the ease and advantages that this feature can bring to people and businesses. Find out now all about Live on Facebook and leverage the reach of your broadcast.


Benefits of Facebook Live

Scope: One of the biggest advantages of hosting a Live on Facebook is the reach made possible by this platform since it is possible to transmit in a profile, group or page, attracting more and more followers according to their interest and objective.




Navigation: The factors that most contribute to the decrease of access to a transmission are issues related to user usability, especially when there is a need to migrate to another site to gain access to the player. On Facebook , in addition to not needing this migration, it still allows the user to follow a Live while continuing to navigate the platform, not having to choose between watching or browsing the social network, which does not happen when the transmission occurs on another site external.

Ease of transmission and access: It is very simple to make a live broadcast on Facebook , just a few clicks to start your Live. Another facility is regarding user access to watch what is being broadcast.

Quality: Regarding the technical part, Facebook is not far behind. It allows to carry out transmissions in high audiovisual quality, reaching up to HD quality.

Transcoder : The quality of the video is automatically selected according to the quality of the user's internet, adapting the transmission according to the speed and stability of the connection, without the need to have specific software to do this. The advantage is the significant improvement in loading the video according to the user's internet conditions, ensuring a better experience when accessing your Live.

No limits: In Facebook is no need to pay attention to a limited number of viewers watching simultaneously with the transmission. The platform has this advantage because it does not have to worry about increasing the number of viewers since the site does not make any restrictions on this.


How to make Live on Facebook




Making a Live on Facebook is very simple and there are several ways to start your broadcast. You can use your computer, phone, and tablet with Android , iPhone, or iPad operating system .

Check out this series of videos that teach, in less than a minute, everything you need to know to do Live on Facebook by:




For professional broadcasts, you can use any of the various encoding software that exists for this, such as OBS StudiovMix, or Flash Media Live Encoder.

The use of any of these software or other of your preference can enable the sharing of screen, use of more than one microphone and several cameras, or create a virtual studio with chromakey .


Requirements to make live on Facebook

To make a Live on Facebook , there are not many technical requirements. However, we recommend some tips to help you achieve quality broadcasting.

Some details regarding the computer, cameras and connection used to make the live broadcast can prevent problems during your Live. However, the settings vary according to the quality desired in the transmission.

To make simpler transmissions in SD quality, the requirements are lower. Already to carry out broadcasts in HD, consequently, greater care is required to avoid blockages or other problems during transmission.

Check out all camera, computer and connection specifications appropriate for each case in the article "How to make live video streaming". 


Facebook Live Map




When your friends or personalities you follow perform a live broadcast on Facebook , Live appears on your timeline so you can watch the video. You can also enable or disable live video notifications.

Another way to find more live streams is through Facebook Live Map, which is a page inside Facebook itself . In this area a map is available that allows you to access the main transmissions that are happening anywhere in the world and you can still interact in real time with the person who is transmitting and with the users who are also watching.


Live Social

The Live Social is a feature that allows you to stream live video not only on Facebook , but on various social networks at the same time . From a single source, you can natively stream as many social networks as you want.

It also allows multiple accounts from a social network to perform the same transmission. For example, you can stream two pages and three Facebook groups simultaneously in one profile .

It has own servers for streaming, national and international to guarantee the stability of the transmission.

The control panel of this tool provides complete statistics in real time, with information about the access of the viewers to the transmission as geolocation , type of desktop or mobile access and browser used during access.

Click here and check out a short video with more information about the Lve Social feature





Live on Facebook is becoming increasingly popular and very common among users.

Many companies and even traditional media are using this feature to achieve greater engagement by broadcasting their news and news, as this content format generates greater engagement with other types of content such as texts, photos or links.

Any person or company from different segments can do, addressing different subjects related to their businesses, products or services, as a way to leverage their sales.

Facebook itself provides some data about viewers who watched   to the broadcast once it's closed, such as views, tints, and reactions, which helps you get information to optimize your Live.

With all these advantages and possibilities that Live on Facebook provides, it's worth investing your time to be able to successfully deliver and achieve your goals, be it engagement, visualization, or sales.

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