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In this article from the series on live broadcast equipment, we'll talk about the necessary requirements of a computer and internet to perform live video streaming.


Before speaking directly what are the best equipment for streaming video, it is necessary to understand and mainly set some parameters on the transmission that will be performed.

It is necessary to analyze the number of viewers and some characteristics about them to define what will be the best specifications regarding the equipment and the image quality that will be more appropriate according to the viewers' internet access profile.

The analysis of the viewers of the connection quality, and provide valuable information to offer the best possible experience to users when watching your broadcast, also avoids unnecessary spending on equipment and streaming plans that are not properly suited according to the purpose of his live and viewer connection profile.


computer-and- equipment-for-live-transmission


The amount of viewers is also a very important factor and must be defined before hiring the streaming plan and with the best possible accuracy.

This setting helps when making the choice on the best plan for video streaming  according to the purpose of your transmission, avoiding financial losses by hiring a more expensive plan with a high number of viewers that can be far beyond the amount you need and therefore higher values without the need for this cost.

Streaming HD Video? Requirement for T orwarding live in the LTA quality. Understand:



Live broadcasting equipment: computer

The tually, despite many notebooks exhibit similar settings the settings for a desktop computer, your acting is not the same. In general, notebook performance tends to be lower.

Due to this factor, it is not recommended to use this type equipment for live transmission, as stated ado for cases requiring the use of laptops is the Ultrabook.

To choose which is the best equipment for live transmission, simply analyze what will be the quality of your live and follow the requirements TECHNICAL s recommended to ensure that everything goes as planned.

Some requirements are critical to this, so it is extremely important to follow the recommendations below.

The following table sets out some information to help you choose the most suitable settings for each type of transmission according to the desired quality. Check out:

Recommended settings for streaming video according to broadcast quality.






P rocessor

Core 2 Duo

Core i5

Core i7

Operating S ystem

64 bits

64 bits

64 bits

Memory RAM

4 GB available or higher

8 GB available or higher

16 GB available or higher

Video lacquer

2 GB dedicated *

4 GB dedicated

4 GB dedicated


* For SD-quality transmissions, the use of a video card is only indicated when it is necessary to make edits or image cuts with the use of some specific software for this. In the case of a simple transmission where the captured image is directly transmitted without the need for edits, it is not necessary to have a video card for this quality.




Equipment for live transmission: connection


Stipulating an average internet connection speed for most viewers helps in determining the final quality of the video that will be transmitted and consequently the need for the necessary connection and live broadcast equipment that will be used.

There's no point in having expensive, expensive live streaming equipment of the highest quality to broadcast at the highest resolution if most viewers on your broadcast have a precarious, low-speed internet connection. This would result in crashes and therefore would be frustrating for both the viewer and the person performing the transmission.

Type of connection

After all, what is the best kind of Internet to make t orwarding of live video? Josimar Machado explains:



To perform a live video stream, wireless technologies such as 3G links, Wi-Fi, radio, WiMax or 4G. This type of connection is not indicated due to the instability that may occur during the transmission and increase of the delay between the source and the player of the viewer.

It is indicated the contracting of a good Internet service of the type DSL, cable, or optical fiber due to these connections present in greater stability compared wireless connections.

It is very important to have a connection totally dedicated to the transmission, restricting the use for other purposes, even for simple navigation in social networks for example. This is necessary to avoid instability during transmission.

Upload and download

Sometimes the terms upload and download are confused and are treated as synonyms. However, in practice, there is a great distinction between these terms and this directly affects the conditions of the internet to perform live streaming.

It is necessary to understand the meaning of each to understand how this influences your live broadcast and what should be the best choice regarding the internet for your broadcast.

Although both terms refer go on the transfer of data, download is related to the receipt of data s from a server, such as saving a photo, video, or other file on your computer or smartphone.

Will uploading refers to the opposite direction, sending data from a computer, mobile or other device directly to the server.

In Brazil, in general, internet plans offer an upload fee of about 10% of the total contracted download rate. To measure these values ??and check if the speed that arrives for your use is the same speed as the contracted plan, click here and go to SPEEDTEST

In order to perform a live transmission, the demand is greater for the upload than the download, since in this case, what happens is the sending of the images that are being captured to the server and, this, it makes the transmission of the transmission to the spectators.

That is, it occurs less receiving and greater sending of data in the realization of a transmission, therefore, the download rate is not the determining factor in the choice of the internet, but rather, the upload rate.

For any type of live video streaming, it is recommended to have an internet connection with a upload rate of 20% above the quality that will be used to perform the transmission without crashes or other problems. That is, the upload rate should be 20% above the quality of the streaming plan contracted for its transmission.





The delay time of receiving the live stream in relation to the sending time of the streaming source is called a delay.

It is directly related to the physical distance and also to the stability of the internet connection used to send the streaming data.

The greater the oscillation and instability d the connection used to transmit live, the greater the delay of the transmission. The lack of stability of the connection can generate crashes and even the transmission fall.

Currently, the acceptable delay for broadcasts in general is up to 60 seconds. In some cases, with the use of a server dedicated, good stable internet connection with high upload rate and good equipment for live transmission, the delay can be reduced to up to two seconds at most.

The following video talks about how to broadcast live with low delay. Check it out:



Before performing your live, it is essential to perform a test at the place where the capture will be made, with the equipment and connection that will be used in its transmission.

Earlier checking by performing these tests can avoid major problems and confirm functionality and the compatibility of the equipment for live transmission that will be needed during your streaming.



After checking all the requirements related to the equipment for live transmission, the configurations of the computer used and the stability of the connection, the concern is focused on the dissemination of its transmission.

You can use your social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch TV to spread your live.

The LIVE SOCIAL feature from SITEHOSTING enables simultaneous transmission to as many social networks as needed through a single source. Thus, the reach of your transmission is enhanced in an incredible way for unlimited viewers.




Still have questions about live streaming equipment?

Check out the article on cameras for streaming video from the series live broadcast and stay on top of everything that is needed to perform your live .

To conclude, make your checklist:


Sources: JMV Technology

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