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According to the IBGE, currently, the use of mobile phones has exceeded the use of computers and this is just one of the factors that show the need to have an application for your web radio , facilitating access in relation to the use of the browser. Check out the tips and benefits.


Advantages , features and tools of an app for web radio

The provision of a mobile application to the listeners of your web radio offers some essential advantages to maintain the stability of the market and to leave in front of the competitors.

Easy access: M ore ease of access to content transmitted with the ape some clicks to start the transmission without the need to connect with login and password to each access.

Court hearing: P ossibilita potentiation of the audience to a global scale thanks to the app provides tion on the Internet and especially the availability of the application on application store  Google Play  and Apple Store.

Reduced consumption : The use of the application reduces the internet data consumption of the mobile phone compared to the browser's web radio , as well as reducing the device's battery life and low disk space consumption .




Audio Format: You can stream audio in MP3 or AAC formats , which are formats compatible with most devices on the market today.

Second plan: An application allows the player to play in the background, which does not happen when accessing the browser. This feature allows simultaneous navigation in other applications and other activities outside the digital world, such as running a race or other physical activities listening to your favorite songs through the application , even with the screen of the device locked.

Loyalty: The use of the app is a crucial factor in the loyalty of the listener of your web radio due to the greater ease of access.

Access without frontiers: The tually in the digital age, it is sometimes easier to have access to an internet signal that a radio station AM or FM, and even when found, this signal may be of poor quality and is eventually lost according to geographic location.

Interactivity: You can connect the app to social networks and create your own chat from your platform. The advantage of this is the greater interactivity of the listener with the web radio, facilitating the requests of music andthe participation in promotions or sweepstakes.

Programming: The schedule grid can be made available in-app to keep your listeners always up-to-date and connected to your favorite shows.

Live: THE Programming can also count on the live broadcast of the recording studio showing the backstage of radio so that listeners can follow the program in audiovisual format in real time. For this, the app should allow video transmission beyond audio steaming .

Notifications: You can develop an application with the ability to send notifications to the listener device warning you about starting a specific program according to your preferences .

Sharing: F erramenta that allows listeners to share in your social networks what he's currently listening to through the app.

Management: B photon volume and break the lock screen for control and application management d and fast even with a locked screen.

Adverts: The availability of ad space within the application is a way to profit financially from your app and also integrate other partner companies of your web radio by the application.


Development of an app for web radio




A web radio application is crafted by specialized developers who create the applications according to the need of their audio streaming.

The developer studies these needs and, from the results of his analysis, he understands the best tools to be used for each case.

All work requires a lot of caution and attention to detail. Each color, button, layout and arrangement of information should m suit the identity of your radio.

The technical part should be designed carefully in order to ensure perfect operation of each feature available in the application, without crashing or difficulties in user access.

Resource optimization is also a crucial factor in getting good app performance . The development of an application with a low consumption of disk space is enough evaluated by the users, after all, nobody wants to occupy all the memory of his device with a single application only, right?

That's why it's important to work with good developers to ensure that your application is properly developed and that all features are working properly. Thus, ensuring that the best possible experience is provided to users.


Cost of an app for web radio




Typically, developing an application can take up to 30 days and this process generates some costs. The time and the value of s s cost will depend on the complexity, amount of tools and application resources.

In addition to the development cost, the application demands monthly maintenance costs for the transmission .

A SITEHOSTING  develops applications for streaming audio, video or audio and video simultaneously. For audio or video applications, the development cost amount is 500 reais. For applications with audio and video transmission , the cost is 700 reais. The monthly fee is only R $ 69.90 for maintenance of the transmission service for both audio and video, as for the two together.

From a study carried out with several web radios and listeners, we evaluated the most common needs when it comes to applications for audio transmission. It was found that some features are more requested, so these resources were established by the company as standard tools for all applications. If the webmaster wants to increase his application by adding more extra features, just contact the sales team who will check the possibility of creating the additional tools with the specialized developers and the cost to develop according to the complexity of the desired tool .

Click here and check the values and resources available in the application developed by SITEHOSTING

Click here to see some examples of applications produced by SITEHOSTING.


Tips for your app

After checking all these information on the benefits, tools, features, and development costs of an app to web radio, it is worth investing in an ap licativo own.

A very important tip is to keep the application always up to date in relation to the information and tools so that it is attractive and meets the needs of the listeners.

And you already have a mobile application to make your audio streamig available?

Sources: JMV Technology

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