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Find out how to make video streaming live, what the requirements and learn some valuable tips to ensure the quality of your streaming.



Live streaming can be used in different cases, for different purposes and for different purposes. For broadcasting events, videoconferences, cults, lectures, live courses or other custom formats.

Through live video streaming, it is possible to generate an approach with the brand from the creation of interactive experiences with the viewer.

However, there are some basic technical requirements indicated to make a quality transmission and that must be evaluated before making the transmission.

But first of all, it is important to analyze some parameters and define how to make video streaming live, and then start planning.

Evaluate the following parameters and follow the steps to have a successful transmission:


Spectators of a live video stream


Not only is the content to be transmitted important, but the number of simultaneous viewers is also a crucial factor in proper transmission planning. Knowing an approximate number or the limit of users who will watch the transmission is critical to understanding and planning the demand according to that number.

The necessary care for viewers are: upgraded Chrome or Firefox browsers and user connection speeds of preferably 2 to 5 MB stable varying proportionally according to the quality of the content transmitted to avoid crashes.

In addition to the number of viewers, it is important to estimate the quality and stability of the average user connection to avoid crashes. After all, it is no use to have the highest quality equipment and features if these technologies are not compatible with the requirements of the viewer. It would be frustrating for the viewer and for the transmitter.


Which camera to use for make video straming live?


Only one camera can be enough or multiple cameras can be ordered. There are several models, the choice of model and the number of cameras will depend on the purpose, content to be transmitted and the location where the transmission will take place.

You do not necessarily need a professional camera to make a live broadcast. A camera or WebCam HD / Full HD attached to the computer can also be used. But the better the resolution, the better the quality of your transmission will be since the balance between the bitrate vs. resolution ratio is maintained.

The Logitech WebCam C920, for example, costs about 399 reais and can be a good choice for use due to the practicality of using a WebCam in relation to professional cameras and equipment.


The demand for lighting and audio must be evaluated in advance so that, if necessary, a specialized technician is hired previously. This professional will be responsible for operating the technical equipment such as LEDs, diffusers and microphones.

It is very important to test all equipment before starting the transmission to check the lighting conditions directly on the video, whether natural or artificial, and the quality of the audio. It is necessary to have a well-prepared planning and to pay attention to the details.


Computer and connection to stream live video


Computer configurations are also determining factors for transmission quality. The recommendations according to the desired quality are described below.

To make video streaming live in SD quality the recommended minimum settings are:

  • Core 2 Duo processor;
  • 64-bit operating system;
  • 2GB dedicated video card;
  • 4 GB of available or higher RAM.

Image quality can be significantly enhanced with the installation of a 3D graphics card.

To make video streaming live  in HD the recommended minimum settings are:

  • Core i5 processor;
  • 64-bit operating system;
  • 8 GB of available RAM;
  • Dedicated 4GB video card;
  • 3D graphics card.

To make video streaming live  in FULL HD the recommended settings are:

  • Core i7 processor;
  • 64-bit operating system;
  • 16 GB of available RAM;
  • Dedicated 4GB video card;
  • 3D graphics card with at least 2 GB DDR5.

It is necessary to test the quality of the connection at the transmission site, perform speed and stability tests to avoid problems during transmission. It is worth remembering that in relation to the connection, the determining factors are the upload rate and stability of the network.

It is recommended internet adsl, cable or fiber TOTALLY DEDICATED, with upload rate of 20% above the desired quality for transmission in ALL cases to ensure proper transmission.

Some commercially available BroadCast equipment, such as the Tricaster, can be used to make live video transmission more capable due to the various functionalities that the equipment offers in relation to audiovisual broadcasting.


Some simpler or more complete software can aid in the performance of live video streaming. These softwares work as encoders, encoding the captured image so it can be sent to viewers and they can watch in a format compatible with your device. Some still offer the features of a cutting table, in case of using more than one camera or simultaneous screens. We selected some examples of software that may be good options at the time of choosing:


One of the most complete software to aid in the performance of live video streaming is VMix.

To view our tutorial and to clarify all doubts about installation, configuration and use of VMix, click here.

Besides working as an encoder, encoding the captured image so that it can be assisted in a format compatible with the different devices of each viewer, it still offers the functionalities of a cutting table, allowing several screens in case of using more than camera or simultaneous images.

The trial version provides 60 days to test the tool for free.

Click here to download the trial version or more information about VMix.


Application for webcam management. It allows the addition of texts, animation, effects, date and time to the transmission. Allows the use of multiple simultaneous cameras.

It offers free or paid version.

Click here to download ManyCam.

To watch the tutorial for installation and configuration of ManyCam, click here.

To watch the advanced tutorial for creating transmission effects using ManyCam, click here.

Flash Media Live Encoder

It's a free product from Adobe.

Click here and learn how to install and configure Flash Media Live Encoder simply and quickly.

To download the Windows version of Flash Media Live Encoder, click here.

The Mac version is also available. Click here to download Flash Media Live Encoder for Mac.

OBS Studio

It is a free and multiplatform program, that is, it works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Just click here to download OBS Studio.

The advantage of this platform is being able to work with an unlimited number of capture screens.

The following tutorial, besides assisting in the installation and configuration of OBS Studio, also shows some features of the tool. Click here to watch the video.

Wowza GoCoder

Application that works as encoder for live transmission using mobile device. It is compatible with the Android operating system above 4.1 and iOS above 6.1.

Click here and go to the Play Store to download Wowza GoCoder on the Android system.

Click here to access the Apple Store and download Wowza GoCoder on the iOS system.

Advantages: Easy to install and configure, convenient and free.

The following tutorial explains step-by-step how to install and configure the application. Click here and learn about Wowza GoCoder.


The timing of making live video streaming finally arrived


After carefully following all the previous steps, finally comes the moment to transmit. When starting the streaming attention should be diffuse looking at all the details to ensure that everything is taking place as planned providing the best possible experience to the viewer.

Sharing links can facilitate user access to the stream, helping to maximize reach.



To make a successful live video stream worth seeing all the tips


It is also worth remembering that some elements can be interesting to complement the user experience, always according to their objective, such as their own visual identity to enhance their transmission, interactions with users through the availability of chat and benefits offered to your viewers or to the most frequent and interactive users.


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