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Do you already know how to do live on Instagram? Check out the step-by-step and start your live broadcast right now!

Created in October 2010, initially Instagram allowed users to only share photos with some options for filter application, and there were restrictions regarding the format and quality of the file for publication.
Over time, the application has been gaining more and more users, and with that, new functions have been developed and implemented modernizing the platform that increased its popularity worldwide.
From the simple sharing of square photos to instant messaging and live video streaming, despite the short time that this function has been implemented, it is currently very common to use among users.
The procedure for making a live is very simple, it does not require technical knowledge and can be done in a few moments. Check out the script that we prepared by teaching step-by-step how to make a live on Instagram.

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Walkthrough: How to make live on Instagram

In addition to the explanation in text format, we show below how to make live in Instagram step-by-step with screenshots. Check the script.

Starting a live video stream on Instagram

STEP 1: Accessing the application from your mobile device, on the home screen, simply click the camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen or drag the screen to the right to activate the camera.
STEP 2: Next, you must select the option "LIVE", which is located on the left at the bottom of the screen, you must slide the options to select it.
STEP 3: The "Start Live Video" button will appear on the screen. By clicking this button, the quality of the connection will be verified by the application and, in a moment, its transmission will be initiated.

How to make live in instagram step by step start live video live stream tutorial


Once your stream is started, a notification is sent to all your followers who are online right now.
Throughout the transmission, a button with the message "LIVE" is shown in the upper left corner of the screen to confirm that the transmission is occurring perfectly and is available for other users to watch.
By clicking this button "LIVE", it is replaced by another button with a stopwatch that displays the count of the transmission time.
The amount of viewers is displayed at the top of the screen next to the icon in the shape of an eye to show how many users are watching your live at the time, remembering that this information is updated in real time.
Clicking on this icon shows which viewers are watching your broadcast right now.

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A small feed will appear at the bottom of the screen with messages and comments from your followers. You can respond to comments with text messages and emojis that appear in the same feed that is automatically updated as new messages are sent.
You can also set a comment so that the selected message does not disappear in the feed and stays on the viewers screen for the duration of the feed. To do so, just touch the comment you want to fix and then click the "Fix comment" button.
Comments can be blocked if you do not want to receive messages in your live, as these comments are displayed in public mode for any viewer who accesses the stream.

  How to make live in instagram step by step tools features live video live streaming tutorial screenshots

You can switch between the front and rear cameras throughout the transmission. Just click the button that contains two circles in the bottom of the screen. The change can be made at any time during the live performance and for as many times as desired.
Instagram offers several fun theme themes with masks that can be added to your stream as well as in Stories. To do this, you need to click the icon of an emoji located at the bottom next to the button that allows the exchange between front and rear camera. By tapping this icon, theme options will be displayed and you can slide to the side and choose your favorite to use during streaming.

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Closing your live on Instagram

To end the broadcast you need to click the "End" button located in the upper right corner of the screen. Then just confirm the closure by clicking the "End live video" option.
As soon as your stream is closed, some information appears on the screen as the total number of viewers reached and the profile picture of the users who watched your stream, even though they have accessed live for only a few moments.
At the end of your broadcast, you have the option of sharing. Content transmitted will be displayed in your profile Stories. Thus, the video of the transmission will be available for 24 hours counting from the sharing for access and visualization of the followers. Remembering that you can not save the content streamed to your device, or re-access it after the end of the 24-hour period after sharing if you have shared it.

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Learn in a minute how to do live on Instagram

To make things easier, we've also prepared two explanatory videos that teach you how to do live on Instagram in less than a minute.
Whether it's on Android or iOS, you'll learn hassle-free. Choose the video of the operating system you use on your mobile device and now check out:

How to make live on Instagram by Android

How to make Instagram live on iOS


Any platform user can perform a live stream. Just have a stable internet connection to start broadcasting.
Whether it is just for fun, for sharing moments between friends, ballads, etc., or even professionally, by companies and professionals from the most diverse segments, the use of this resource is becoming more and more common and frequent among users.
A live broadcast on Instagram can address different subjects and content as per the purpose of the user being broadcast.
Particularly for businesses, this feature can be used strategically to achieve positive results for your brand. If implemented using the right strategies according to its objectives, the realization of a live is able to generate greater engagement with the users and bring incredible benefits like more access, greater credibility, growth of the demand for its services and even the increase of sales.
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Live Social

Ever wondered if you could integrate your Instagram live with several other social networks? Live Social is a tool of SITEHOSTING able to optimize its transmission through social networks.
This feature for live video streaming allows you to stream on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch TV simultaneously from a single source.
The best thing is that this can be done natively and with unlimited viewers, meaning your live appears on all social networks as if it were being performed directly from your profile without any change.
In this way, the reach of your transmission can be enhanced and you no longer have to choose only one among all your social networks.
Check out the plans and check out the values of the Live Social feature by clicking here.
Check out the video below and learn more about Live Social.

If you liked this article and also want to make a live broadcast on Facebook, click here and check out all about Facebook live.

Still have questions about how to do live on Instagram? Contact us we will help you!

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