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How IP camera works

How IP camera works

17/Abr | by: Kely Mendonça

IP cameras can aid in many day-to-day activities and bring numerous benefits by using these equipments. Check out some important usage tips and learn how IP camera works.

What is an IP camera?

IP Camera, IP Camera (English) or IP Cam is a type of video camera that can be accessed and monitored over an IP...

How to do double live on Instagram

23/03/2018 | by: Kely Mendonça

Get to know the new feature of the app and learn how to do double live on Instagram.

Instagram has the "live stream" function that was deployed in the application in October 2016 and, despite being relatively new, is a function that has gained great popularity among the users of the platform.
As features are always being updated to make the app more user-friendly and more usable, the platform has released a live stream with...


12/03/2018 | by: Kely Mendonça

Do you already know how to do live on Instagram? Check out the step-by-step and start your live broadcast right now!

Created in October 2010, initially Instagram allowed users to only share photos with some options for filter application, and there were restrictions regarding the format and quality of the file for publication.
Over time, the application has been gaining more and more users, and with that, new functions have been...

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