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In addition to cameras and computers, many other equipment is required for live transmission .

Some details can make all the difference to equipment safety, image quality transmitted and even, can be decisive in transmitting performance.

Often, some of these details, or even several, end up going unnoticed or forgotten by those who planned the transmission, only missing at the time of live, that is, when there is no more time to provide other accessories or new equipment for live broadcast.

Before starting a live, it is essential to do a checklist of equipment for live transmission that will be used before, during and after your streaming to avoid headaches especially at the moment it is broadcasting.

We have prepared a checklist to help prevent forgetfulness. Check out some accessories that may be convenient to carry out your transmission:



It is essential to check all the lighting equipment before carrying out the transmission and to test the functionality of each lamp, led, softbox, reflectors and so on. Besides the operation, it is important to test to make the necessary adjustments and adjust the amount of light needed for the transmission, remembering that the requirements are much greater when it comes to some night event, besides the variations that occur according to the natural luminosity of the environment, whether it is a closed or open environment, etc.


Lighting equipment for live transmission



The use of electrical extensions is necessary for most cases when we speak of equipment for live transmission, that is, it is almost always necessary to use equipment connected directly to a power source, and several times, the electrical wire of the equipment does not arrive until plug-in module.

Due to these factors, extensions are almost mandatory items for the checklist of materials and equipment for live transmission.

Currency of 5 cents

One of the favorite accessories of a videomaker is a 5 cent coin. It makes it easy to attach and attach a camera to the tripod's support bracket.

It looks like a silly detail, but always carrying a 5 cent coin saves time and makes it easier to work because it fits snugly into the fastening screw on the tripod mount where the camera is threaded.

The same applies when dismantling this equipment.


Currency five cents equipment for live transmission


Seals, clamps or clips

The seals, also called clamps or clips, are very useful for fixing the cables to equipment for live transmission.

There are different models and sizes of these accessories and, in addition to being very useful for attaching, they can also be used to lock or even to attach equipment to frames or fixed structures to suspend them.

The seals are not compulsory, however, they are very useful and can hardly be replaced by other accessories.

Outlet adapters and tables with standards

Socket adapters are accessories that often go unnoticed for countless times. However, depending on the pattern of the outlet modules of the location where the transmission will be carried out, this may be decisive for the transmission.

Just imagine: when you arrive on site and start assembling the equipment for live transmission you realize that all the plug modules are different from the plugs of your equipment, since there are different types that can vary between national standards, American and etc. That would be a fatality, would not it?

Therefore, it is important to check and pay attention to these details, which are not always remembered before, to enable the necessary amount of adapters to be provided in order to allow the use of all equipment for live transmission.


   Socket adapters plugs equipment for live transmission



Whatever type or model of the microphones chosen to be used in your live, not having a reservation of this equipment can compromise its transmission since we are talking about one of the fundamental equipment for the transmission of live video.

Scotch tape

It is very important to leave the cables always attached to the ground, if they are loose, can cause the equipment to fall and, thus, greater damages.

For this reason, it is always good to have a roll of duct tape in the black color, without color or the same color of the cables to avoid drawing attention.

Cases, bags or protective covers of equipment for live transmission

The cases, bags or protective covers for cameras, computers and other equipment for live transmission that will be used are indispensable, especially at times of transportation.

Most equipment damage occurs during transport. Therefore, all precaution is not enough when it is possible to prevent damages that can often be avoided with the use of these accessories.

Cables and compatibility

During a live video transmission, various types and models of equipment are used and, consequently, different types of cables depending on the input of the equipment.

Therefore, it is advisable to carry spare cables if it is necessary to change equipment. After all, it's always good to be warned, is not it?

Another important detail that must be remembered in advance is to test the compatibility between the equipment that will be used, such as video card, computers and cameras, since there is a possibility of incompatibility between devices, especially among older devices in format, codec and plug-in. Therefore, it is essential to perform these tests before the moment of transmission.

Batteries & Chargers

In the case of the use of equipment with batteries, they must be fully charged preferably at least one day before the transmission.

After charging, the loads should be checked to check the functionality of the batteries and ensure that they are, in fact, retaining their charge, or as we say popularly, to check that the batteries are not "flushed".

In the latter case, they must be replaced by new ones.


Batteries and loads equipment for live transmission



Several accessories and equipment for live transmission need batteries for their operation and are often different for each equipment.

Therefore, the quantity required for each device, the types and sizes of batteries that will be needed during the live must be evaluated in advance.

In addition, these accessories may require replacement at any time, so it is very important to have sufficient supplies for all the equipment that will be used.


The porters are essential, nor do we need to talk much, do we?

The problem is that many devices today have chargers with disconnect cables from the equipment, as well as the notebook chargers.

Thus, it is very easy to end up leaving the charger unnoticed, especially when the equipment and the charger are not close to each other.

It is always good to check all the chargers that will be needed so you do not forget to take any and compromise your transmission.

Tripods and supports of equipment for live transmission

The tripods and supports used must have height and appropriate measures to meet the needs of their transmission.

It is always good to test and evaluate all accessories, preferably at the exact location of the transmission in advance, and be aware of these details to identify possible faults and to be able to correct them in time.


Camera tripod equipment for live streaming



Headphones are important for checking audio feedback. Without the headphones, this work is difficult to do.

Especially in cases where there is more than one camera used, when the difficulty is greater, it becomes more complicated to evaluate the audio after the moments of transition from one camera to another.

Therefore, the need for these accessories and their relevance to the use by the technicians responsible for the capture is remarkable.

Landslides of the use space of the equipment for live transmission

The demarcation of the space where the equipment will be part of the protection and care requirements with the devices. Several situations can occur and, accidentally, cause bumps, shocks and fall of your equipment for live transmission.

Therefore, it is convenient to divide space and limit access with some kind of physical barrier, especially in events or situations in which there is presence of audience or audience, since, in these cases, there is a movement of people who do not have the the same attention and responsibility with the equipment as well as the technical team, which can lead to the occurrence of accidents and, consequently, generate material damages.

It's always good to avoid financial losses, right?


Physical barrier for space demarcation equipment for live transmission



In addition to demarcating the space of use of equipment for live transmission, it is also necessary to think about the access of technicians to the equipment, especially in these cases of being an event or a broadcast in which there are public or audience.

Especially in cases such as workshops, raffles, religious cults, sports games or other events with live transmission, access should be facilitated and restricted only to technicians to avoid inconvenience if displacement is required.

Broadcast broadcast live

After thinking through all the technical requirements and checking the accessories, it's time to think about the spread of your live. Will it be available on your site? On the social networks?

Be aware that the reach of your broadcast can be enhanced with the LIVE SOCIAL feature of SITEHOSTING . With it, it is possible to transmit on your site and in unlimited social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Twitch TV, besides the possibility to transmit in several accounts of the same social network or in groups and pages, all this simultaneously, from source of transmission.


Live broadcasting equipment


Checklist of accessories for live broadcast equipment


Have you checked the live streaming accessories checklist?

Also see the articles on Cameras and on Computer and internet connection of the series Live broadcast equipment and check out all the tips to perform your live.


Are there other accessories that you usually use next to the equipment for live transmission ? Please contact us below and send us your suggestions so we can add them to the checklist.

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