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Want to know how it works and what are the tips to set up a web radio? Do you know the advantages of this medium? Check out some recommendations that will help you.


Radio has always been a means of communication of great reach and popularity. It has great advantages in its use and allows the execution of different programs with the most diverse objectives. Over the years and with the emergence of new technologies, some changes have occurred to provide greater quality, convenience and comfort to listeners when accessing their favorite radio. The digital format has undoubtedly revolutionized not only the history of the radio, but of various media.




The analog signal has given way to the current streaming which has great advantages in the use compared to the old methods. The audio transmission system enables the radio to run with higher quality and greater features. Internet access facilitates the interaction of listeners and allows the use of resources that are only available through this type of access.


Radio station, online radio and web radio

AM / FM radios are transmitted through electromagnetic signals that emit specific frequencies with a certain amplitude. An online radio is an AM or FM radio station that has its content replicated on the internet, however, it is not a radio made for the internet, it is a radio station like any other that has its programs also transmitted over the internet.

Already a web radio is a radio in digital format that is transmitted over the internet through an audio streaming service, that is, it was designed and executed specifically for the digital format and only exists in this format, not being transmitted through other types of channels.

In addition to being cheaper, the massive use of computers and the internet makes the demand for web radios grow exponentially.




Advantages of having a web radio

No need for fast internet

It is not necessary to hire an expensive Internet plan to create and broadcast your web radio. It is recommended to have only a stable connection and upload rate 20% above transmission quality, for example, for a 64 kbps transmission, the upload rate should be 72 kbps to avoid cuts or crashes.

You do not need an Anatel license

As ANATEL does not regulate the transmission of audio over the internet, no special license to carry out radio streaming is required, whether AM or FM, to broadcast your radio online on the Internet or to set up your radio web.

Their web radio available 24 hours a day

With the help of an Auto DJ system, your web radio can be available 24 hours a day even without having live programming all day.

It works as follows: as soon as the live streaming streaming ends, the Auto DJ system automatically starts playing the songs and vignettes from your playlist that have been programmed and stored on the server until the start of a new live schedule .

Transmission without borders

A web radio can be broadcast anywhere in the world, so anyone connected to the internet can listen to the radio regardless of where it is, with several options to listen to it, using some audio program like Winamp, Windows Media Player , Flash Player on any mobile device Android, iOS, Black Berry or even right on the site.




Tips for building a web radio

Objective and targeting

It is very important to define the objective and what will be the segmentation of your web radio to find references of how to accomplish this goal. Finding references is fundamental, but clear, without plagiarism.

It is advisable to define and make it clear for the listener to identify the style and segmentation, for example, to define the musical style, whether it is a popular radio, a young person, etc.

The fast identification by the listener of the style of the web radio facilitates the loyalty, since the web hearers have a dynamic profile, seek practicality and go straight to the goal they want, without analyzing all the available options.

Equipment needed for your web radio

Having some quality equipment is key to ensuring the quality of the audio and the transmission.

The value of the equipment can vary greatly. You can choose professional or semi-professional equipment of different makes and models that meet your need.

Voice processor, microphones, sound desk, equalizer, computers and software are determining factors for audio quality and transmission. The choice of equipment and models that will be used directly influences the final quality of the web radio for the listener.

The format of the files, for example mp3 or aac, should also be standardized according to the audio streaming plan contracted for your web radio.





Keeping up to date is also part of the job. Update on new trends and releases for your segmentation and also when it comes to equipment to ensure quality streaming performance according to existing technologies is a necessary work to maintain the success of your web radio.


Plan for streaming audio to web radio

Having a good audio streaming plan is key to your web radio. There are several types of plans with values varying according to the number of connected users, transmission quality and disk space. Choosing the right plan depends on your need.

Always remember: it pays to hire a serious and competent company to avoid headaches and problems in the transmission of your web radio.

SITEHOSTING has plans for web radios with values starting at 9.90 reais monthly. You can choose to make the payment quarterly, semiannually or annually with discounts, which can be done on credit and debit cards or even via deposit or bank slip. Enabled activation allows the service to be activated quickly within 24 hours of payment. Click here and get to know SITEHOSTING's web radio plans.


Still have questions about how to set up a web radio?

After checking these tips, are you ready to create your web radio? Still have doubts? Click here and check out the interview with the speaker Daniel Fernandes of Radio 94,5 FM in a conversation with Josimar Machado, CEO of the JMV Technology group, presenting some tips on locution, segmentation and equipment for your radio or web radio.

Sources: JMV Technology

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